Millennials and Social Media

Millennials are using and controlling social media better and more frequently then any other generation in the country. Social media has become something of a second nature to most of them and this is why it is at the root of who they are as a person. There was a study that showed that 88% of Millennials got their daily news from facebook. This is an amazing number not only because the source of where they are getting their information, but the sheer number of users that are on facebook from this generation. Facebook is not the only app that they are using however. Over mostly all of the social media apps, Millennials make up the significant majority.

An important reason for why this group of people generally will use facebook to get their news, is because of not only the information that they are receiving, but the interaction that is following viewing these posts. When someone goes on facebook and can read an article, they can immediately give their opinion about what is going on in the world around them. By doing so, this gives the reader a better chance to feel more engaged with the world that they live in and their ability to make a difference in the world. In years past when the only way of getting the news was to read the newspaper or watch the evening news from one channel, people were only getting their information from one perspective and one point of view making them feel as if they could not make their own informed decisions about what was going on in the world around them. With a social media app like facebook, now readers have the ability to look at multiple ways of interpreting a story and able to make their own logical decisions about what is going on in the world around them.

One other important piece about facebook and other social media apps for getting the news is that now information and news can be given to them at real time. If a major event happens during the day or at night, there is no more waiting until the next day or the next evening news to hear everything about the event that took place, now with Facebook t=you can get constant updates in real time giving the people the ability to follow a story fully from beginning to end. This also helps to give an informed and real time opinion from the audience.



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2 thoughts on “Millennials and Social Media

  1. Awesome post Joseph! Do you think that getting news all from social media channels could cause problems as information could be extremely biased or posted with incorrect information? Also, social media allows people to discuss various issues but do you think it could be negative for this discussion to happen online where people are more likely to say hurtful things than in a formal, in person debate?

  2. Hi Joseph,
    Great information here on Millennials use of social media. Yes, the getting news from Facebook stat is alarming to many, especially journalists and news organizations. Yet you provide a great explanation of why many are going there for their news. From a marketing perspective what are the opportunities in this insight? Are there possibilities for native advertising, content marketing, influencer marketing, etc.?
    Professor Quesenberry

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