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  • Uber is a company that drives brand identification through an interdisciplinary team. It’s a company that has absolutely captured the groundswell from ground up, and there is no better place to see this than on th […]

  • Anne Smith commented on the post, Nike 1 year, 3 months ago

    Great post, Joe! Nike has thrived from their well-developed system, do you think other companies will also follow their ways and categorize their products based on sport?

  • Anne Smith commented on the post, Coca-Cola 1 year, 3 months ago

    Great post, Caroline! Since Coke was successful with their “Share a Coke” campaign by putting names on their bottles, do you know if Coke is marketing the same way with putting song lyrics on their cans, or are […]

  • Hi Anne! Great post !
    Are there any social media sites that Under Armour uses more than others? Where are their videos mostly posted?

  • Hello Joseph,
    Other than Facebook, what social media sites is Nike using to connect to customers?

  • Hello!
    From what I have seen, there hasn’t been much conversation between the customer and company. However, there typically is large responses to the posts. So customers are reacting to the post by liking or […]

  • Sara Analoui commented on the post, JetBlue 1 year, 3 months ago

    I haven’t been able to find any exact numbers on the internet and JetBlue hasn’t responded to my email but I think that the impact of happier customers on word of mouth advertising and general feelings towards the […]

  • I don’t think there has been an overall decline in comments, but I do think that the type of interactions had in the comments can really make a difference. if the blog’s author is responding to commenters and […]

  • Hi Rachel, great post! Do you think that if the Johannesburg Salvation Army had worked with other branches that the impact would have been even greater or do you think that the viral nature of the ad would have […]

  • Hi Anne, great post! Do you think that if under armour gave their interns a blog to post on about their summer experiences it may enhance the program or do you think that their current set up is doing fine on its own.

  • Hi Caroline,
    This is a great campaign that really reaches out to Coke’s consumers. When looking at the social media stream in any of their social channels are consumers contributing to the brand conversation or […]

  • Hi Joseph,
    Nice analysis of Nike’s social media efforts. You hit all the key comments of consistency of brand through the science / tech message and tagline to the market segmentation to different sports needs […]

  • I did some searching and I was unable to find any concrete evidence of what Whole Foods does to ensure that all the accounts are staying on message, but I assume that their corporate team sends out approved and […]

  • Hi Anne,
    The internship program sounds great. What I really want to hone in on is when you say “they spend time learning how their audience engages with the channels operated by their company.” Is this listening […]

  • Hi Sara,
    I am glad you wrote about Whole Foods they are a great example of doing social media well. Most companies and strategists would tell you that you should have one or two nationally controlled social media […]


    One company that has achieved social media maturity is the Coca-Cola Company. Their innovative thinking has abled them to keep their traditional look, while adding a modern flare. Coca-Cola has achieved […]

  • A company that has really come together and started to use social media effectively is Nike. While nike is already a really big name, they still have competitors and they are using Facebook very effectively to […]

  • Great post! Do you think that the company currently uses social media to recruit people for the program that are specifically athletes and if not, through what platforms might they be able to do this?

  • Great post! Do you think that other companies should have blogs where corporate personnel can communicate with consumers or do you think it might be too difficult for a larger company?

  • Cross discipline social media teams are very crucial because they can promote your brand and service clients.  It’s important to establish a team and work together in social media.  Majority of Under Armour’s suc […]

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