Uber is a company that drives brand identification through an interdisciplinary team. It’s a company that has absolutely captured the groundswell from ground up, and there is no better place to see this than on their social media. The integration they have created between their marketing, customer service, and public relations teams is a feat to be commended.

To start off with, Uber has individual tailored pages to the region that you are checking them out from. This page incorporates posts from Uber in general while specifically tailoring posts to the geographic region that they are working on. These connect the efforts that are done on the public relations front, in building partnerships of value to the specific regions they work in, and then releasing these new deals and partnerships to the customer on social media.

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Uber fosters a conversation. They have used their individualized geographical pages to allow people to post what they enjoy or don’t about the organization. This is where their public relations team comes in. As soon as someone posts on their social media, within minutes there will be a comment saying that the problem will be taken care of. The post is then forwarded to their customer service department, and the rest is handled via email and the specific customer. An example is shown below.

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 2.35.58 AM

Uber maintains engagement in their customers through deals and promotions, which are only possible because of the strong connection between customer service, public relations, and marketing. These show how the customer can get free rides and deals due to the simple fact that they are part of the Uber online community. And what’s best about this is that these are individually tailored to every community. For me, I can see all the Facebook posts that Uber is putting up through @UberIND and see which ones are pertinent to me since they begin their promotions with a hashtag for the region it applies to. This is a simple yet effective engagement strategy.

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 2.09.07 AM

Uber uses social media to release new products or services, and capture the social talk surrounding. This helps interdisciplinary marketing teams capture consumer sentiment and tweak their product in with a rapid turnaround, and Uber has been great at doing this while also getting the word out about their new services.

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 2.10.01 AM

Lastly, they don’t always make it about the product. This is key and but we have talked about this consistently in our class. Posting should revolve the consumer need, how customers use these products, in order to drive engagement. Uber has been especially good at doing this while relating it to their call to actions – for example this post below talks about great happy hours and how each is a flat 5 dollar uber ride over.

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 2.10.34 AM



Image result for Coca-Cola Classic Logo


One company that has achieved social media maturity is the Coca-Cola Company. Their innovative thinking has abled them to keep their traditional look, while adding a modern flare. Coca-Cola has achieved social maturity because they have worked hard to create an environment where customers and employees are interacting. The employees encourage customers to get involved with the marketing of the product, in order to draw continued interest to the product. Coca-Cola also posts regularly on their social media sites. They post engaging ads that draws the customers attention. This is especially important since the product has been around for a long time. Their twitter accounts has over 3.2 Million followers and their Instagram account has close to 1.3 Million followers. These numbers are extremely high and are related to the fact that the company has found a universal marketing plan that is used throughout all of its social media accounts.

Coca-Cola has an extremely creative marketing team that continuously thinks of ways to market their product. The labeling of the actual coke can changes seasonally. This summer Coca-Cola has focused on putting song lyrics on their cans. This was another way for the company to branch off of their “Share a Coke” marketing message. The non seasonal bottles will have a name of someone to share a coke with. This was all part of a marketing plan that Coca-Cola created in order to get their products to be more personal. It was honestly a brilliant move by them, in order to revamp their bottles and can appearance. It was also a way to have an over-arching theme for their social media accounts. Everything dealing with Coca-Cola right now seems to have “Share a Coke “… on it. This enables all part of the company to break off and make the campaign their own. Especially since there are so many different Coca-Cola products that need to be specially catered to.

Image result for Names On Coke BottlesImage result for song lyrics on coke bottles

Coca-Cola also gains attention to their social media accounts by marketing their products to relate to recent fads. They then build small, quick ads around it. For example, Coca-Cola has recently started referencing the recently popular Pokémon application game. They applied the phrase “CatchEmAll” but are refereing to their different types of sodas instead of the Pokémon. It was posted as a gif to their twitter account. This little ad alone shows how much Coca-Cola takes an interest in their customers. Making little ads like these and posting them on social media keeps their followers engaged and interested in their posts. Many companies have trouble getting their customers to follow them because the companies post boring advertisements to their accounts.

As one can see, Coca-Cola has grown its social media credibility by being able to use cross discipline social media successfully. They create messages and images to post on their bottles that every one of their social media sites can advertise. This makes it easier for the customer base to understand what the company’s goal is, without getting too overwhelmed. Coca-Cola was able to create the theme “Share a Coke” and run with it. They were able to bridge all their social media activity together by creating a common theme for the entire company and product.

Below is a video showing a commercial of this marketing plan.






A company that has really come together and started to uimagesse social media effectively is Nike. While nike is already a really big name, they still have competitors and they are using Facebook very effectively to market their products. When looking at Nike and how their marketing team works together, it is easy to tell that they are really all onthe same page. They want to make sure that they are promoting their products while also trying to show that they are the most cutting edge. This can be easily shown through the ways in which they post their new products across all platforms of social media. What they try to do is really focus on the design and show how every single product is like a science experiment in the way that it is put together. This helps to give the customers the idea that Nike is above the curve in really giving them the best type of product. A distinct advantage that Nike has however over their competitors is their funding.

Another thing that Nike does which I think is really useful and smart is that they have separate pages and platforms for different sports and activities. For examples you can find a Nike page for football and Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 6.59.25 PMa totally separate one for Basketball. This is important and can play a deep role in connecting with their customers. It shows that while as a big brand they all want to be cutting edge, but can also work at a micro level and cater to a specific sport and audience. This is also where the interaction comes in. By having members of the Nike team be specific to a certain activity or sport, it helps them to create the best possible version of customer service. For example, if a women runner has a particular question about the best type of shoe, an expert in that field will be the one answering her question as opposed to someone from the football department. This is really cool and important in separating them from the competition.

Something that Nike is always able to build on is their slogan. #JustDoIt is not only a catchy and smart way to promote their product, but has been promoted throughout social media. By spreading this hashtag, Nike continues to create brand awareness and be a leader in sports performance in their industry. By continuing to grow on social media, Nike is continuing to widen the gap between them and their competitors because of they way they are able to interact and relate to customers.


Under Armour

Cross discipline social media teams are very crucial because they can promote your brand and service clients.  It’s important to establish a team and work together in social media.  Majority of Under Armour’s success is because they spend time learning how their audience engages with the channels operated by their company.  Under Armour’s Summer League internship brings together a variety of teams in different departments, and they collaborate throughout the entire internship.  Business, design, and technology departments all bring their highly specialized skill sets and experiences together.  Throughout the internship you work with your team, learn from mentors and speakers, and complete community service.


Under Armour takes pride in their internship programs.  They want interns to truly experience what it is like to work at Under Armour.  Under Armour simulates what it is like to be on a sports team.  The headquarters is very relaxed and looks like a fun place to work.  I think Under Armour especially likes to hire athletes because they want their employees to be team-players, and someone who knows how to work well with others.  Their intern program also selects two finalists at the end of the internship who are chosen to join their marketing team: “to help communicate brand messages and values with an emphasis on digital engagement.”

Cross discipline social media action is evident at Under Armour.  Every year Under Armour creates a video that highlights the summer internship program from previous years – this is an example of cross discipline social media action because different departments had to come together to create this video.  The video is very well made and consequently attracts young talent for the company.  Under Armour is very active on social media and enjoys sharing pictures/videos of their facilities to demonstrate the company’s mentality.  They thrive on showcasing their fun and powerful brand by sharing the UA experience across the globe through social media.




Whole Foods

               As a company, Whole Foods as wholly embraced social media at all levels of their company. Whole Food’s main Twitter account has 1.3 million followers . In addition to this main account, hundreds of independent whole food locations have their own twitter accounts with thousands of followers. One example is Whole Foods Los Angeles that posts about promotions, local events, and recipe ideas. These smaller accounts are run by the managers of these stores and they post about local stories. This helps to form a more personal and personalized connection with the people who shop at these certain locations. It’s important for the main corporate Instagram to exist to provide quality content to the consumers, but these store accounts are equally as important since they are able to interact with their specific consumers in a way that corporate may never be able to do.

               Whole Foods’ CEO also runs a blog in which he writes about responsibly sourced foods, new products, and other topics about the company. This blog was started with the idea that a consumer who is educated about food is more likely to become a Whole Foods Customer and using the CEO as the mouth piece for this shows consumers the dedication to food education at all levels of the company. The blog is also used to address many of the recent scandals Whole Foods has had with their organic produce. Having the top person at a company explain and apologize for problems through a personal blog makes the apology seem more believable and genuine.

               The importance of cross discipline social media action is apparent for a large organization like Whole Foods. Larger companies need to focus on building personal relationships with consumers and a quick way to do this is to involve multiple levels and departments in your company in social media. When marketing and other teams work together to form a social media message, it allows for maximum positive impact on social media.



Black and Blue


White and gold or black and blue? This image was all over the internet and quickly become a hot topic of discussion. The seemingly meaningless photo was seen by so many that one company thought they could put it to good use. The Johannesburg Salvation Army decided that this image could mean more.

They turned the image into a powerful marketing tool for the company to raise awareness about domestic violence. This is an example of a company using multiple teams in order to achieve social media marketing success. The Salvation Army took advantage of an opportunity online and made a big PR campaign out of it through social media. By presenting the photo in a new light and reaffirming the company position as standing with the victims of domestic abuse, the company was able to coalesce its supporters and gain even more.


The company’s marketing team created a new hashtag of #stopabuseagainstwomen and combined it with the hashtag of #thedress. They continually shared their new version of the photo online and generated even greater buzz for the company. The PR team wanted to take a side and show that such a meaningless photo should not be getting everyone’s attention online when there are so many greater issues that need to be addressed. The human resources team additionally worked with the marketers to figure out what the employees thought was a more important issue to address attention towards. By working together as a unit, the company was able to roll out one, cohesive social media strategy that redirected the photo toward a cause the entire company supported. Furthermore, the image allowed supporters to join the cause by sharing and talking about the image.

The image had reached more than 16 million people within the first few hours of being released. The Salvation Army in Johannesburg operates multiple residential care centers for abused women and this campaign was able to quickly and effectively bring attention to their existence. The image was shared by companies that ranged from the women’s magazine Cosmopolitan to morning news companies. The image was so successful at marketing the company’s centers and the company’s position on the important issue of domestic violence because the entire company was behind the social media campaign and because the content was easily picked up and shared across all social media channels.





There are many different social media monitoring tools that companies can have easy access to. However, throughout my research there was one tool that specifically stood out to me. This social media monitoring tool is called Spredfast. This tool is used generally for companies that have to deal with high ROI demands. The agencies who are handling many different companies’ social media accounts look to use this tool because it provides its customers with very accurate measurements. They also help customers to market their products at the right time and to the right people. Below is a quick video giving a little background information about the tool  and why certain companies use it.

Spredfast has a clear advantage over their competitors because they provide their clients with the most accurate numbers when it comes to their ROI. They track the amount of content sent out and how many people are receiving that content. They also track how many people are connecting to the content sent out. They see who connects to the content that is sent out by seeing who is streaming the content. Another advantage that Spredfast has over its competitors is the feature that allows managers to compare social campaigns. This gives companies the upper hand when launching new marketing products because they can see how the population reacted to a certain campaign. This allows for the company to make their campaigns more successful than their competitors without having to waste money on a failed marketing campaign. Hyundai paired with Spredfast after complaints, from the car dealerships that they were partnered with, to increase their social media presence. Spredfast has a function that allows all of Hyundai’s media to be in one place. So, their 800 dealers can take that media and localize it. This way all of the dealerships are promoting the same advertisement, but its specialized to location, which connects to customers more. Below is the video of how Hyundai and Spredfast came together to form a great business relationship.

There is one negative thing about Spredfast. It is very expensive. If a company wants to buy a plan from Spredfast they are going to spend around $12,000-$1 million dollars a year. The range is wide because it all  depends on the type of plan that the company wants to buy.

Overall,  This product has an amazing set up. It pushes the importance of using analytics. It provides its companies with the right measurements in order for them to excel in social media marketing. This tool is a great way for larger companies to connect to their various branches throughout their own organization.



Social media management tools have become so popular and many companies rely on these tools.  Hootsuite is a social media monitoring tool that provides social media metrics.  Social media metrics are very important because they increase engagement, customer traffic, and brand awareness.  Hootsuite is a great tool for identifying conversations within your industry.  This website allows businesses to gain new insights by understanding engagement patterns across your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google+ accounts.  What’s so unique about Hootsuite is that it allows you to manage so many different social networks.

Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 10.35.33 PM

Hootsuite identifies social influencers – it pinpoints key influencers and the areas that are driving important conversations.  It’s a great website for tracking, measuring, and sharing key social media metrics.  Businesses can use Hootsuite to create social reports, tag and track messages, and measure internal metrics.  The social reports can be made quickly and easily.  Businesses can easily organize and evaluate their content and volume by tracking messages.  Internal metrics are highly valuable because they track performance, such as messages sent and resolution times.

Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 10.57.57 PMScreen Shot 2016-07-20 at 10.58.03 PMScreen Shot 2016-07-20 at 10.58.07 PM

Hootsuite enables businesses to monitor what people are saying about your brand, and you are able to reply directly.  Listening on social media is a great way to get ahead of your competitors and keep your customers coming back.  By using these tools you can figure out what your audience wants so you know how you can satisfy them.  Businesses will have endless possibilities to improve your marketing efforts by figuring out what your audience wants.


Facebook Insights

It is no secret that Facebook is the center of most social media marketing efforts. Given that 71% of online adults use Facebook, many companies have their largest pushes on this platform. That is why Facebook Insights, the built in social media monitoring tool, is so invaluable. My company, MDJunior, has recently launched a whole new remodel on social media with our primary engagement platform being Facebook. In doing so, we’ve found Facebook Insights to be immensely helpful.

First it starts you off with an overview. This gives a complete picture of what is going on behind the scenes of a Facebook page – covering all the basic social media metrics. This includes metrics that show engagement and conversation such as actions, likes, views. I found that the most useful parts of this overview was in showing your audience – for our company MDJunior we find that the primary audience is Men 18-24 (32%) on their mobile devices (a whopping 70%). I find that the graphs for all of these metrics is very useful – with the Post Engagement for example you are able to see the days where we directly had the most engagement (July 9th having a post engagement of 498 people). We are then able to match up these engagements directly with our posts and see which ones are working best.


There are a lot of different places we can go from there. I choose posts. Here we can see all of the posts, and their specific social media metrics. This allows us to see reach, and if we want also engagement rate (both shown below). This helps us with findings on what is working and what isn’t – down to even the smallest minutia such as wording and punctuation. But when your post only consists of less than 50 words, it is critical for each of these to be very well thought through! That is why Facebook Insights is great.

Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 12.05.50 AM Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 12.06.59 AM

One of the most telling specific parts of Facebook Insights is “Reach.” It shows reach as an organization and covers specific social media metrics talking about reactions, comments, and shares. This helps in looking at engagement and comparing the posts that get the most shares versus posts that get the most likes (applause rate and amplification rate). I think comparing the two is really useful because specific posts get more reactions (things that people identify with) whereas other posts get more shares (they really believe in something so much that they want their friends to see what they’re seeing). In our graph below, it is clear when our social media launch started and which posts received more applause vs. amplification (and how the two correlate).

Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 12.10.57 AM

All in all, Facebook Insights is one of the best social media monitoring tools a company can use to measure social media metrics. On top of that – it’s 100% FREE. It has been immensely helpful in tracking the social media launch of our organization, and I’m sure it provides great value to every company out there.



When a company is using social media to market their product, they use many different platforms. Twitter, facebook, and Instagram are three of these platforms as examples. Using these platforms effectively can really help in growing awareness about a product as well as getting feedback about how the product is being accepted and viewed by the consumer in the market.

One tool that I found that maniconosquare-engagmenty businesses can take advantage of is Iconosquare. Iconosquare is an app that is synced with instagram and it helps you keep track of all of your post and who is viewing them and how often the account or the posts are being viewed. The reason why this can be so important for social media marketers is that this gives them real insight to what may or may not be working in their marketing efforts. Some of the key parts of this website are the real time statistics that are given about your account and the posts that are being shared. These are daily, weekly, and monthly statistics that can be monitored in order to learn and grow. Three of the major categories that are shown within the statistics section are “Love, Talk, and Spread.” These are three really important measuring tools and show different things which all can play a key roll in helping a marketer and a company about the direction they should focus.

Another key function of Iconosquare is promotion. Companys can use Iconosquare to help and promote their product by using hashtags that people will click on and find themselves on the page or even using the best time to post during the day to achieve maximum viewers. This can be really important for a social media marketer because it helps them in making each post more effective. Something else that I found really interesting is that it even goes into details about each specific picture and how well they were received. For example, some pictures withfilterimpact a specific filter may have more likes then others. All this information can be taken into consideration when a marketer is thinking about their next promotional post.

One downside to this website is that you have to pay to get the full analytics about your account and all of your posts. Personally, I think that getting this data in the long run is worth the investment because really getting an in depth study of every one of your marketing ideas will pay serious dividends down the road.