Welcome to the Social Media Marketing Student Course Blog. This is where students in JHU EN.660.453 post discussion question responses and respond to other student’s posts via comments to create a virtual classroom discussion. Be sure to use all the tools of a blog making sure to support opinions and arguments with links to sources and bring posts to life with visual support in the form of photos, screen grabs and/or videos.

Center for Leadership Education at Johns Hopkins University

Center for Leadership Education at Johns Hopkins University

This site also uses BuddyPress, which creates a social network around the WordPress blog. If it is your first time accessing the site as a student, start by logging in, setting up your profile and introduce yourself to your classmates in the Social Group.

Then get started with your first post. For basics on how to post, make comments and use the site, refer to the course materials, search WordPress help, or go to the Q&A Group search for previously asked and answered questions, or ask a new one.

I am looking forward to everyone’s contributions,

Professor Quesenberry

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