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The big picture in Social Media Strategy for marketing, advertising, and PR professionals, students and professors. Learn a step-by-step systematic approach to creating a social media marketing plan that lasts no matter what new social media app, network or trend that comes your way.Social Media Marketing Strategy Keith Quesenberry Amazon #1 Business Marketing

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A comprehensive and clear overview of a successful marketing effort using conversation, virality, and direct consumer communication. By combining solid marketing tenets with practical steps, Quesenberry authoritatively walks readers through the various social media platforms, what works, and why. This text includes clear explanations of social media platforms and how they direct consumer participation, real-world case studies, exercises, and step-by-step worksheets. It will serve as an introduction for students as well as a guide for professionals.
Ann Marie Kerwin, Editor Advertising Age

Finally, the book on social media we’ve all been waiting for! Quesenberry provides an excellent framework for students to learn about social media strategy and for companies to use in their strategic planning. This book thoroughly covers everything from native advertising to geo-location, crowdsourcing, and more. Remarkably, it will appeal to both the social media novice and the expert. Highly recommended.
Charles R. Taylor, Villanova University; Editor-in-Chief of International Journal of Advertising

This book contributes to everything we are trying to teach our students, not just the latest in advertising techniques. In fact, the book is exceptionally comprehensive…. By focusing on core social science concepts, Quesenberry solidifies his lessons expertly. Quesenberry wraps up the text with a discussion on integrating social media across organizations and pulling his wide-ranging topics together. This conclusion demonstrates that the academic field is full of us marketing-professionals-turned-professors, and this is a text for us! It presents real-world problems in academic ways perfect for the classroom… [A]fter assigning it in the classroom, I have no doubt that my students will keep this book on their first office bookshelf.
— Kate S. Kurtin, California State University in Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly

Social Media Strategy presents a unique and much needed approach to social media in public relations, advertising, and marketing disciplines. The balance showcased in the book—adapted from both research and practice—is not only refreshing to see, but also addresses the trend observed both in practice and in academia.
Karen Freberg, University of Louisville

While becoming a Social Media Expert is as elusive as becoming a unicorn, you will be much more knowledgeable after reading Quesenberry’s insightful, well-researched book.
Rob Schnapp, Coyne PR


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