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Social Media Strategy: Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations in the Consumer Revolution. Second Edition!

For A Detailed Look Inside See Amazon at in the U.S. and in the U.K. Request an Exam Copy and Instructor Resources From the Publisher at A. Quesenberry Social Media Strategy This new and updated edition presents a fuller, comprehensive approach to the traditional disciplines of marketing, advertising, and public relations. Adopters of the first edition will find the original structure and approach in tact with additions that take a more integrated look at social media strategy. It features a new chapter on law, ethics and etiquette, and updates on key topics such as social media careers, personal branding, storytelling, paid social media, messaging apps, live video, influencer marketing, B2B social selling, and all major social media platforms.

Enhanced features include:

  • social media calendars, metrics, and budgets
  • chapter checklists to keep statistics updated
  • expanded chapter previews
  • new case studies and a 200-word glossary
  • updated online tools and resources
  • new instructor support resources

This comprehensive text presents a step-by-step Social Media Plan process for any product service or organization. Through a balance of theory and practice it covers background and context for social, how it fits in the bigger business, marketing, advertising and public relations strategy and presents statistics, characteristics, and possible strategies for over 30 social platform channels divided into 8 categories of social networks and messenger apps, blogs and forums, microblogging, media sharing, geosocial and live video, ratings and reviews, social bookmarking, and social knowledge. The Social Media Plan is completed with chapter by chapter or through a condensed three step process provided in an appendix. The text presents social strategy in practice through over 40 examples and case studies. Each chapter includes additional resources offering over 90 questions and exercises to prompt discussion or serve as assignments, plus over 200 key terms bolded and defined in-text and in an alphabetical glossary. There is an appendix with more than 300 tools and resource links to help put the social media plan together. 10 new instructor support case briefs to facilitate in-depth class discussion and/or applied written assignments. At just over 350 pages and 15 chapters it is a comprehensive book for professionals looking to develop a social media plan or a text for a social media class. Yet, it is concise enough to serve as a supplemental text in other business, marketing, communications, advertising or public relations courses. A recommended text/book by HubSpot in their Social Media Certification course and by Hootsuite in their Advanced Social Media Strategy Certificate Course with  Syracuse University.


Professor Quesenberry makes an important contribution in helping instructors to engage students in learning social media planning and strategy. Social Media Strategy helped my students present a real-world plan to our clients. The second edition adds important depth to the excellent framework for moving from theory to practice. — Jeremy Lipschultz, Isaacson Professor, University of Nebraska at Omaha

After reviewing the second edition, I was impressed by the increased breadth and depth that are covered in this update. The new edition offers a thorough discussion of emerging trends in social media marketing as well as extensive coverage of platforms and topics that were just gaining momentum a few years ago, including live-streaming videos, Snapchat, Messenger, influencer marketing, and online reviews. I highly recommend Keith’s book to both educators and practitioners of social media marketing alike. It is a must-have guide for anyone in the field. — Ai Zhang, Stockton University

A comprehensive and clear overview of a successful marketing effort using conversation, virality, and direct consumer communication. By combining solid marketing tenets with practical steps, Quesenberry authoritatively walks readers through the various social media platforms, what works, and why. This text includes clear explanations of social media platforms and how they direct consumer participation, real-world case studies, exercises, and step-by-step worksheets. It will serve as an introduction for students as well as a guide for professionals. Ann Marie Kerwin, Editor Advertising Age (First Edition)

Finally, the book on social media we’ve all been waiting for! Quesenberry provides an excellent framework for students to learn about social media strategy and for companies to use in their strategic planning. This book thoroughly covers everything from native advertising to geo-location, crowdsourcing, and more. Remarkably, it will appeal to both the social media novice and the expert. Highly recommended. Charles R. Taylor, Villanova University; Editor-in-Chief of International Journal of Advertising (First Edition)

While becoming a Social Media Expert is as elusive as becoming a unicorn, you will be much more knowledgeable after reading Quesenberry’s insightful, well-researched book. — Rob Schnapp, Coyne PR

The author marries the industry strategist with the academic theorist beautifully in this user-friendly text; I would recommend it to any course or company looking to push ahead into the social media frontier with a cohesive plan for success. – Amanda C. Bright, Eastern Illinois University in Journalism & Mass Communication Educator (First Edition)

This book contributes to everything we are trying to teach our students, not just the latest in advertising techniques. In fact, the book is exceptionally comprehensive…. By focusing on core social science concepts, Quesenberry solidifies his lessons expertly. Quesenberry wraps up the text with a discussion on integrating social media across organizations and pulling his wide-ranging topics together. This conclusion demonstrates that the academic field is full of us marketing-professionals-turned-professors, and this is a text for us! It presents real-world problems in academic ways perfect for the classroom… [A]fter assigning it in the classroom, I have no doubt that my students will keep this book on their first office bookshelf. — Kate S. Kurtin, California State University in Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly (First Edition)

Social Media Strategy presents a unique and much needed approach to social media in public relations, advertising, and marketing disciplines. The balance showcased in the book—adapted from both research and practice—is not only refreshing to see, but also addresses the trend observed both in practice and in academia. — Karen Freberg, University of Louisville (First Edition)

Provides a solid foundation for introducing the complexity of social media strategy to students… [and] an outstanding introduction to the types of social media engagement and their representative platforms. … While choosing a social media textbook often deserves the status of ‘It’s Complicated’, any professor looking for a quality introductory textbook for social media would do well to be ‘In a Relationship’ with Quesenberry’s contribution. Amber Benson, SMU in Journal of Advertising Education (First Edition)

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