Social Media Templates

Click on the PDF links below to download your free social media templates and guides as valuable strategic tools on their own or as supplements to the book Social Media Strategy: Marketing Advertising and Public Relations in the Consumer Revolution:


To see an example social media audit using the template, read the Harvard Business Review article “Conducting A Social Media Audit.”



Free social media strategy story templateGuideToSocialMediaChannelCategories.pdf

How to select social media platforms for a multichannel social media strategy plan for marketing, advertising and public relations.GuideToPaidSocialMediaOptions.pdf

GuideToInfluencerMarketing.pdfGuide to Influencer MarketingSocialMediaContentCalendarTemplate.pdf

Free social media content caldenar templateSocialMediaMetricsTemplate.pdf

Free social media metrics templateSocialMediaBudgetTemplate.pdf

SocialMediaPlanStoryTemplate.pdfSocial Media Plan Outline Template Strategy Story and StorytellingSocialMediaEthicsTemplate.pdf

Free socia media ethics and etiquette templateSocialMediaMeasurementPlanGuide.pdf

Social Media Strategy Measurement Plan for Marketing Advertising and PRSocialMediaMarketingCycle.pdf

For a larger look at marketing strategy in an integrated marketing communications (IMC) context see the Visual Marketing Strategy Template below.