Where Is The Star Power In The Gulf Clean Up?

Where are all the celebrities in the Gulf oil disaster? Huffington Post says that scientists are the celebrities in this cause. For example, Louisiana State University professor Edward Overton recently appeared on David Letterman’s “Late Show” to talk in plain language about oil. He is one of many scientists who are now in the middle of the media frenzy, trying to explain the Gulf oil spill to the public. But that isn’t really helping raise funds for the clean up.

On a nonprofit blog found out Jimmy Buffett donated $43,000 to build a boat that could contribute to the animal rescue effort and Kevin Costner committed 15 years and $20 million towards developing a centrifuge that separates oil from water. I also heard on NPR the other night how Jimmy Buffet’s sister, who owns a restaurant in Gulf Shores is doing a tourism campaign for the state. Her brother also showed up for local a benefit concert to raise funds and draw tourists. But where is the big celebrity packed, national concert?

Apparently Larry King had a two hour CNN telethon to help the people and animals of the Gulf. The celebrities were not on the same scale as George Clooney’s Hope for Haiti Now telethon, but they did show up. Sting performed his song Fragile, Robert Redford delivered a political message, and Cameron Diaz poured her heart out.

I think this simply demonstrates the importance of public relations. PR plays an important role in raising awareness of any subject or cause. And celebrities can make a big difference for any nonprofit or corporation.