Search Gets Social

According to our students in The Center for Leadership Education at Johns Hopkins University, social search is being rapidly adopted in the United States and will likely become an international trend.

Blue Jay Strategies is our student run marketing agency. As part of their marketing campaign to introduce zaahahSM they have written a well researched and informative white paper on social search.

Social search is one of the new frontiers of the World Wide Web. Online searches are commonplace in society, and now the social aspect of search is entering the scene as a growing number of people are looking to connect with others online.

Computer scientist Dr. Jill Freyne, defines the concept of “social search” as “an approach to web search that attempts to [connect] communities of like-minded individuals with more targeted search services, based on the search behavior of their peers, bringing together ideas from web search, social networking and personalization.”

Websites are looking to “bridge the gap” from searching alone to searching together with others across the globe. Sites such as,
, and are competitors in the social search industry with strengths and weaknesses that will either contribute to, or hinder their success.

Interested in learning more about the expanding realm of social search? Check out Blue Jay Strategy’s white paper, an in-depth look at the social search landscape and the potential it holds for the future of Internet collaboration. The paper discusses current Internet trends and how they have shaped the emergence and expansion of social search.

Social search will allow a new platform for advanced collaboration and idea sharing, more organized and productive group projects, and more effective advertising.