Is New Media Killing Traditional Media’s Star?

Because of it’s newness and measurability new media seams to get a lot of hype in the marketing industry. But I believe smart marketers should not expect a blog or viral video to market an entire brand. Traditional advertising still has its place and does things that social median cannot. Brands communicate most effectively if they send a unified message through multiple media – integrated marketing communications.

Bryan Einsenberg from ClickZ tells us what social media can do. It is good at relationship building, creating goodwill, and improving customer service. It can also help your company communicate with early- and middle-stage buyers and push them closer to a sale. On one hand, it helps your customers communicate with you and everyone they know. On the other hand, it helps you listen to what potential buyers are talking about. Social media helps you find opportunities to please customers and helps keep you focused on their needs.

But social media does have its limitations. If marketers think putting up a Twitter account or a Facebook fan page will build huge traffic and sales overnight, they’re kidding themselves. Relationships need nurturing and social media can’t drive hundreds of thousands of new qualified visitors to your website or store. It doesn’t enable them to control the messaging and dialogue about their company. And it cannot be their primary channel for marketing.

A recent Forrester research report talks about the importance of choosing the right media mix to create awareness and drive purchase. Americans use many different media — from TV to blogs — some media help drive brand awareness and some drive loyalty. Some media have a young, urban audience and some have an older, rural one. To create effective marketing it is important to have the right media mix targeted to the right audience to give you the best returns.

Will new media kill traditional media or is there room for both?

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